Sunday, July 22, 2012

My String Art


Recently, I was inspired to create my own string art (you can read about it here). I decided to take on something simple to begin with - a heart.

It was pretty easy to create - I purchased a pack of cork floor tiles from Bunnings for $12 (I used two of the other ones for another project).

I painted the tile white with acrylic paint and a roller. I printed a heart on to two sheets of A4 paper and then stuck them on to the cork tile. I then began pushing the nails in to the cork. I used a pencil as a 'spacer'. I used a small screw in the centre - it is a bit stronger than the very small nails.

Then comes the fun part - attaching the string! Pretty easy - just wind the floss around the nails. I purchased DMC floss from Spotlight. I needed about three lots.

Voila! Very inexpensive and interesting art.

What do you think? I think it looks great on my new bookcase.


  1. how to make a string art like that? can you give me some example for my project in MATH? thank you very much ! :)



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