Wednesday, June 20, 2012

String Art

Happy Wednesday,

I've been really unwell this week...consequently I'm blogging while lying on the lounge.

I've been an avid viewer of the block during my time off, and I've been checking out the website. Sophie and Dale are my favourites, I love their style and their sense of humor!

In lounge room week, Sophie made a string art creation for their wall. I'm thinking I'm going to attempt something similar.

Check out below...

All photos via my pinterest page.


  1. I like their style but man Sophie can drive me insane at times - she is very lazy!

  2. Sophie is pretty lazy. I like Lara - I think I would be more like her. I'd want to have my hands in everything!

  3. I've been Googling string art as well lately, following Sophie and Dale's room reveal.

    I look forward to seeing your finished product!


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