Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Bathroom

Hi readers,

I can finally reveal a completed room in my new house. The bathroom! Now - this room is very small - the photos were very difficult to take!

Let's take a quick look at the building progress...

Now look at the finished photos!

What do you think? I love the cool aqua tones with the chocolate tiles. I feel it is so calming - exactly what you want in a bathroom!

Supplier List
Shampoo and Conditioner from Hair Warehouse
Both Soap Dispensers - Ikea
Live what you Love print - Heartfish Press
Blue Ikat towels from Anthropologie (now sold out)
Ikat bathmat from Anthropologie (also sold out)
Aqua glass from Anthropologie
Oil burner from Bed Bath and Table
Bird wall stickers from Typo


  1. Your new bathroom looks so cool and vibrant. I love the way you used blue, as it perfectly accentuates the space. The birds are a nice touch, and those candles add to the ‘spa feel’ of the bathroom. Cheers!

  2. So, you have a white and blue theme for your bathroom. Isn’t it brilliant?! It gives the area a cool and calm atmosphere. You don’t have a lot of bathroom fixtures there, but it’s great. It’s simply wonderful! :D


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