Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday...

My relationship with my car is officially over. This weekend I'll be shopping for a new one...quite possibly the Mazda above. Aaaargh! I hate car salespeople!

Hopefully, you all will be having a much more relaxing weekend...


  1. LO> Car sales people...

    This is what I found is best:

    When I arrive at the car lot, I tell the sales person who just won the foot race to me that he won. Say congratulations and then say, now step back. I will look and I will ask you the questions. LOL

    I tell them if I am seriously looking for a car and that it will be a more pleasant experience for both of us if they don;t tell me they want to sell me a good. car. Of course I want them to sell me a good car! LOL

    Have fun!


  2. I'm a car salesperson :( I hate that people like you have obviously had bad experiences, and then go in with a negative attitude to begin with.

    I get abused on a daily basis, I get spoken to like I am a piece of shit, or scum of the earth.

    I am doing a job. I like to think I am good at that job. But the constant judgement makes me wonder why I bother sometimes.

    We get abused when we go out on the lot and ask if a customer needs assistance, but when we step back and let them have a look around first we get criticised because "well you obviously don't want to sell me a car!".

    It's a tough industry, go easy on your salesperson, they could be a homewares loving, decorating loving, cat loving person like me.

  3. Hi Amanda! I actually had a really good experience when buying my car. I actually bought it from a woman...I think this made a huge difference!

    Unfortunately though, I also dealt with a bit of a pig of a man at a different Mazda yard...I felt completely frustrated and annoyed that he treated me like I knew nothing! I had done my research and I hated that he treated me like an idiot!

    In the end though, it has turned out to be a positive experience. The woman was lovely that I dealt with and I would definitely go back there to purchase my next car.

    Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion Amanda!


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