Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aboriginal Art for my new home...

I've always been interested in Australian Aboriginal Art since I was at school. I remember visiting a local art gallery and being amazed at the level of detail, movement and colour in the artworks. Following Viv from Ish and Chi purchasing a number of artworks for her home, it inspired me to look for some pieces for my new place. Below is Viv's artwork in the latest Adore Magazine.

Her place is beautiful, right?

Below are the two pieces I chose for my new place. The first is by Raelene Stevens and the second is by Caroline Numina.

Both pieces I purchased via ebay (the first after missing out a number of times at the auction!) and I think they complement each other nicely. Both very eye catching with lovely colour!

What do you think? Have you purchased any art recently?


  1. They're both gorgeous, I particularly love the Raelene Stevens. Congratulations on the purchase, I'm sure they'll look beautiful.

  2. I love them both, i think I may have been watching the first one! I've been banned from purchsing art @ the moment so I am glad someone nice got them! :)

  3. I love a lot of aboriginal art. I am constantly watching pieces on ebay. I love the 2nd piece.

  4. I've had my eye on a few Raelene Stevens pieces of late but keep being outbid!

    Would you mind sharing (ballpark figure) how much you paid for yours? I just want to know whether to keep trying or to give up because I just can't afford what they're worth!

    Thanks in anticipation :)


    PS: I can wait for your next blog post, I've missed them!!

  5. I have a Raelene Stevens painting for sale, Bush Flowers (pink). Acrylic on canvas. Please contact me if interested 0425 226 802 Lisa.


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