Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chic Girl Designs @ the Markets

Hello readers!

What a big weekend...I had my very first market on the weekend. It went ok - networked with a lot of stall holders and customers and even sold a few things. I think the markets I had a stall at were aimed more at mums, rather than the younger demographic my products are for. I also got some great feedback and have a bit clearer direction as to where I would like to head. It was a great experience! I'm now researching other markets that may be more suited, to have another go. Below are some photos of my stall.

What do you think? Have you been to any great markets lately?


  1. Wonderful and great stall! Very clear! Like it! Wish you lot of success the next time.

  2. I think it looks great! I am doing my first one in October and have a lot of work to do to get ready.

  3. Your booth looks great!



  4. Looks great! It's exhausting work at the markets, eh! Someone suggested to me to use boxes or vintage suitcases to add height to my display. It's a great trick and I find just adds a bit more interest.

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx



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