Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Promoting, promoting, promoting...

Lately I've been trying new ways to promote my etsy business. Originally, I started this blog to promote my shop, but now I love blogging! I try to write about all of my favourite things - fashion, interiors and music. I'm trying to promote further and have now made a Facebook page. Hopefully this will help with more people visiting my shop. I've had sales, but I still struggle to get views. Some shops I visit have hundreds - I wonder how they do it?

Do you have any suggestions for promotion? I'd love to hear them!

BTW - I'd love some facebook fans - the link to my page is here!


  1. I will check out your Facebook page...I have one too. I recently started a Twitter account and like it better. It seems easier to quickly add something and check out other tweets/network.

    It's hard to keep up with both and I admittedly neglect my FB page and devote more time to twitter.

  2. Just read this post from last month. I've been finding EXACTLY the same thing. I see Etsy shops with 10+ sales/day and blogs that have tons of comments for every post. I tell myself that they must have been at it for a while but then realise they are just about to celebrate their 1st year anniversary! I feel like I'm talking to myself sometimes! I've tried to get out there into the blog community but still feel like I'm an 'outsider'! Looking forward to having someone to share the journey with!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx



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