Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time Gone By...

A quick update -

Just ordered the beautiful Time Gone By Dress from Anthropologie.

I was hanging out for it to go on sale - but it was selling out. I had been dreaming about it!

Fingers crossed that the order goes through ok. In the past I've had problems with orders being processed.

The wait begins for it to arrive!


  1. that is sooo cute. good luck!!...*

  2. This dress is to die for! So feminine and fun. It is the kind of dress that would still look wonderful in 20 years. Love it!!

    P.S. It would look great with the shoe from Alex&Alex on your wish list! :)

  3. I agree! Now I need to go shoe shopping...

  4. Good for you. I say buy that dress retail. I've let so many things go by waiting for a sale, it never does and it haunts me for years.

  5. Such a pretty dress! Definitely worth buying now, rather than missing out and regretting it!


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