Saturday, July 10, 2010


I just received an email from Anthropologie, stating that I have missed out on the Time Gone By Dress. I'm devastated! In my head, I had already decided how I would style the dress for my friends wedding. Apparently another order was processed before mine and they ran out of stock! I have a feeling that international orders are bumped down the list. It's not like I can go to a local store and pick one up though! My nearest store is a 13 hour plane ride away!

Sorry everyone, just venting my frustration! I'll have to start the ebay search, but I think I may be out of luck this time.


  1. Oh no! I hate that feeling! Have you checked out modcloth? They have very similar things. I'm so sorry!

  2. Oh dear...! sorry to hear about this. I'd be devastated too! but i was lucky - i ordered mine promptly..hehhe... check out my blog - i've got in on.

    don;t worry, im sure you will find something else, maybe something even better! The babergh dress - im looking at you!


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