Friday, July 30, 2010

Anthropologie new arrivals

I just thought I would share some new arrivals from my favourite store - Anthropologie. There are some beautiful new dresses on sale - my bank balance is hurting already! Below are my favourites...

The link to the Anthropologie website is here. They now ship to Australia too. Hooray! Do you like Anthropologie? What are your favourites?


  1. Those dresses are so pretty (:

  2. I looove Anthro. It is one of my favorite places. Unfortunately I can usually only afford their sale items, but it is so fun to walk around the shop. It is always so pretty!

  3. Oh oh oh....i love all these dresses. If i had to choose it'll probably be between the babergh and the sprightly steps. If i get both, i'd be dead broke! uh-oh..
    i just wish we didnt have to pay delivery costs. It cost approx $45 for each item! drats!


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