Saturday, June 26, 2010


I recently purchased these owls. I found them in a Domayne (it's a furniture store) catalogue and had to have them! Apparently so did everyone else in the local area, because I had to wait for months for the order to come in. I did manage to find the two smaller owls in a local homewares store and just picked up the third last weekend.

They live here, in my built in display case under my stairs
Once I had purchased these, I have been seeing owls everywhere!

Dottie Owl, Handmade Doll by Maureen Cracknell link to her shop is here

Antique Mod Wise Owl Earrings by Vintage and Glam link to shop here

Owl in Tree Pillow Cover by Dining Out - link to store is here

Elsa print by Marisolspoon link to her shop here

Loving owls at the moment! What do you think?


  1. Those white owls are so simple yet cute.

  2. I love owls too!
    but I love chooks more!

  3. Oh I love owls! they are so cute and different from other birds!
    I love the earrings

  4. I love your owls and I love your blog. What a very creative lady!

  5. Thank you Kobie for featuring my owl doll. I added a link to your wonderful blog on my newest blog post today. :) Thanks again!!!

  6. omg. i love owls. those white ones are adorable!

  7. The owls are very cute. I love that idea of putting a display case under the stairs. Might just have to add that on the Honey-Do list!


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