Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New magazines

Today I thought I would share two new issues of my favourite magazines.

The first is Frankie. This is such a great read! It features interesting stories from around the world as well as fashion, music, art and craft. My favourite things! It also regularly features some great etsy designers. This month they have included Wicked Child Designs and Mitch Quina.

The second is Real Living. Ahh, I'm so addicted! The mag is filled with pictures of interesting and unique homes. I always pick up at least one new idea with every issue. They have a little diy section too!

Above are pages from the magazine featuring Marie Nichols rental home in Sydney. Marie also writes a blog called Whole lotta love. The link is here. Her home is so funky and decorated very inexpensively.

Images - Real Living

Do you have a favourite magazine?


  1. Love Frankie magazine, I just picked up that issue^^

    Also, that Real living magazine looks really interesting, i might have to see if I can find it next time I go to the newsagent

    also, Lovley blog <3

  2. I hate to admit it...but I'm getting kinda hooked on InStyle. I'm not one to go by that stuff in my actual wardrobe. I just wear what I like. But I'm enjoying all the colors and pictures... But then, I also like Modern Drummer. So I guess I'm sorta..balanced. ;)

  3. Ohh, I love Real Living! I found you via the Etsy forums - thanks for following my blog, Useless Endeavor. I am you r newest follower :)


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