Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dream Closets

Wouldn't it be nice to have a closet like a celebrity? I have just cleaned out my closet and reorganised. I'll share some photos soon. I'd take any of the wardrobes below (and they could throw in all of the shoes and clothes with it!)

Jessica Alba's shoe collection (I wonder if she is a size 7?)

Kim Cattrall's wardrobe - I love that it's white - the colours of the clothes really stand out.

Eva Longoria's closet - beautiful dresses!

Who can forget that closet above all closets? Carrie Bradshaw's in the Sex and the City movie. (I remember there was a collective sigh, during the screening I went to).

Back to reality - I'll post my wardrobe (all two metres of it) later today hopefully!


  1. iii soo want the sex and the city's one!... maybe in a far future? hahaha...*

  2. I would ♥ a giant awesome closet, but I see no need to collect shoes. blech.


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